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Thus Come

Thus Come One

One of the ten honorable titles of the Buddha, that is, the one that comes from
the realm of truth. This title indicates that the Buddha personifies the fundamental truth of all phenomena and has grasped the law of causality covering the past, present and
Thus come is strongly associated with the imposed and presented philosophy. We do not offer a furniture product itself, but the lifestyle associated with it.
The process of creating and sharing is amazing and beautiful for us.
We respect each other and our customers, considering them extraordinary people who buy our
products want to join our philosophy and support it, we want the world to be better and we know that all change starts with ourselves. Products that
we present are durable and for many years, and the benefits that nature gives us, e.g. in the form of wood, cannot be wasted. We respect the natural environment and we believe that our clients are aware of their choice.
We do not produce garbage, because each piece of furniture is made to order, we do not produce it so as not to destroy the natural environment and not to pollute it.

We believe in love that lasts for years and that is why we want our products to be with customers as long as possible.